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RDEC – Large Companies can now receive back up to 8.8% of their R&D spend

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What is RDEC?

The Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC), previously known as the Above The Line (ATL) R&D Tax Credit, was introduced from 1st April 2013 for companies as an alternative to the existing Large Company Scheme for Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief.

Cash Reward

How much is RDEC worth to companies eligible to claim?

The RDEC is paid to companies by way of Taxable Credit as a percentage of qualifying R&D expenditure. This change means that loss-making large companies, could now benefit from making an R&D Tax Relief Claim.

Since 1st April 2013, companies have been able to claim RDEC at the headline rate of 10% of their qualifying R&D expenditure, and this rate was increased to 11% from 1st April 2015.

The current rate means that companies can now receive a credit of up to 8.8% of their R&D expenditure. This is because RDEC credits are included ‘above the line’ in a company’s accounts and are therefore subject to the prevailing rate of Corporation Tax.


Who can claim RDEC?

All companies in all industries are eligible to make a claim for R&D Tax Relief if they are liable for Corporation Tax and meet the qualifying criteria for their R&D projects. Further information can be found on the R&D Tax Credits section of our website and also in our recent article What kind of companies can apply for R&D Tax Relief?

Both RDEC and the Large Company Scheme are available to companies who do not meet the criteria for claiming R&D Tax Relief under the SME Scheme. An SME is defined as a company with fewer than 500 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding €100 million, although group structures and other scenarios may enable SME’s to claim R&D Tax Relief through RDEC and the Large

How can Myriad help?

How can Myriad help your company claim RDEC?

Because of our specialist knowledge and proven experience:

  • We can review your company structure and R&D expenditure to analyse whether the RDEC scheme or the Large Company Scheme Claim is most suitable for you.
  • We can help you and your accountants determine the most appropriate accounting policies for your R&D expenditure.
  • We can help you develop an effective cost capture scheme to ensure that your R&D Tax Relief is optimised.
  • We can identify best ways of realising your R&D Tax Relief.
  • We can advise on R&D Tax Relief options available to companies in a group.

The Myriad Approach

By profiting from our specialist knowledge and experience, you can be sure of maximising your RDEC Claim. As a rule, Myriad submits RDEC claims up to three times higher in value than in-house prepared claims and claims filed by generalist accountants.

  • We handle your RDEC claim from start to finish, requiring just two to three hours of your time.
  • We can maximise your RDEC claim because, with our vast experience of putting together R&D Tax Relief Claims, we know precisely what you can claim and how much you can claim.
  • We write technical reports you’ll support and that R&D Tax Inspectors will approve.
  • We make sure HMRC handles your claim quickly, not only because we have a right-first-time approach but also because of our outstanding relationship with R&D Tax Inspectors, to whom we speak daily
  • Our 5-Step Claim Process is simplicity in itself, meaning you’ll always know where we are with your claim.

We identify all your R&D activities

We capture all your R&D expenditure

We write your R&D technical reports

We submit your R&D Tax Relief claim

We work with HMRC to agree your R&D claim

With just two to three hours of your time we'll take care of your claim from start to finish

  • 100% success. We have successfully claimed R&D Tax Relief for all our clients, for over fourteen years, and without exception.
  • An unbeatable offer. Confident of delivering a winning service, we offer our services on a success-only basis.

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