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Emerging and Enabling Technologies funding call launched by Innovate UK

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Innovate UK have recently launched a specific funding call for Emerging and Enabling Technologies. The funding call opens formally on 3rd October and closes on 7th December 2016. The topics highlighted in this funding call include energy harvesting, imaging technologies, and graphene or biofilms, as well as being open to any other kind of Innovation in emerging technologies that shows “significant industry and commercial improvement in novel applications”.

The funding call expects projects to demonstrate innovation that shows benefits across multiple industrial sectors or markets, or provides new products and services, or allows new applications for existing products and services, or enables new capabilities or business models

Innovate UK are offering two streams for this call. Stream 1 is for projects valued up to £100,000. Single applicants may apply under this stream, and they must meet the criteria for being a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). The available funding for feasibility studies in this stream is 70% of eligible costs for a small business, 60% for a medium-sized business, and 50% for a large business. Smaller amounts are on offer for experimental development (market-readiness) projects: 45% of eligible costs for a small business, 35% for a medium-sized business, and 25% for a large business.

Stream 2 of this funding call is for projects valued at over £100,000, and they must involve at least two organisations, one of which must be an SME. The proportions of available funding for feasibility study projects and market readiness projects are the same as those for Stream 1.

“The categories described in this Emerging and Enabling Technologies funding call are quite broad, and it is therefore likely that there will be a very high number of applications,” said Barrie Dowsett CEO of Myriad Associates. “Applicants may wish to improve their chances of being awarded a grant by working with an experienced advisor to ensure that their application meets all the criteria for this call.”

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