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Innovate UK Launches Round 3 Of The Innovation In Health And Life Sciences Grant Programme

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UK government grant funding provider Innovate UK has recently launched a £15m Innovation in Health and Life Sciences grant funding pot.The aim of this competition is to stimulate innovation in health and life sciences.  Projects must align with at least one of the following Innovate UK priority areas:

  • increase yield, quality and sustainability in agriculture and food production
  • support advanced therapies (cell and gene therapies), precision medicine or preclinical technologies
  • develop bioscience techniques and capabilities that have the potential to improve healthcare and/or agriculture and food production in the future

Proposals must indicate how projects will enable a step change in competitiveness and productivity for at least one UK SME involved in the project.

Key information about this grant:

  • Innovate UK grant funding is non-repayable, and they do not take any equity, IP or commercial rights over your project
  • Funding is available for testing the feasibility of your idea (including proof of market), research and developing it or demonstrating it in a prototype
  • Project value: £25k to £2m depending on type of R&D undertaken
  • If project costs are less than £100,000, an SME can work on the project alone or with partners. If total project costs are £100,000 or more, the project must include at least 2 grant-claiming partners working together of which 1 must be an SME.
  • Project duration: 6 to 36 months
  • Micro/small business receive up to 70% of project costs, Medium up to 60% and Large businesses receive up to 50% dependant on stage of research/development
  • Application deadline is Wednesday 6 December 2017 12:00pm. 

Further details can be found at Innovate UK

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