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Endowave Ltd


Endowave is a R&D driven company focused on delivering the best in class microwave ablation technology.

€11m in Funding Won Together

In total, Marc and the Myriad team have supported Endowave and its partners in securing more than €11M in grant funding to date. We are very grateful to have benefited from their experience and guidance which have greatly contributed to our success.

Jonathan Bouchier-Hayes
Co-Founder and CEO, Endowave Linkedin iconConnect

A Collaboration That's Making a Difference

As the Myriad team, we're proud to share our collaborative journey with Endowave, a leader in medical technology focused on combating lung cancer. Our partnership over the years has been a blend of expertise, innovation, and shared goals, leading to remarkable achievements in the field of medical research and technology.

Joint Success in Grant Acquisition

Our collaboration has been notably successful in securing significant funding, essential for advancing medical research. Together, we've secured two prestigious EU H2020 grants and two Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) grants. These grants are not just financial achievements but also affirmations of our joint commitment to groundbreaking medical solutions.

The Emergence of PRETA Technology

One of the most exciting outcomes of Endowave's work is the development of PRETA technology. This state-of-the-art robotic-enabled microwave ablation catheter represents a major leap forward in the treatment of metastatic lung cancer. Designed for targeted therapy, PRETA is a testament to Endowave' vision of transforming cancer treatment.

Impact on Oligometastatic Lung Cancer Treatment

The focus of the PRETA technology is on oligometastatic lung cancer, an intermediate stage of the disease. This innovation aims to provide treatment that is not only effective for a majority of patients but also minimises harm to healthy lung tissue, preserves lung capacity, and reduces recovery time. It's a step towards more personalised, less invasive cancer care.

A Combined Effort Worth Over €11M in Grants

Our combined efforts with Endowave have led to securing over €11 million in grant funding to date. This funding has been pivotal in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in medical technology and patient care.

Gratitude and Future Outlook

We're grateful for the experience and guidance that has been shared between our team and Endowave. Their expertise has been invaluable in our ability to help prepare award winning grant applications which has led to shared successes. As we look to the future, we remain committed to helping Endowave on their mission to innovate in medical technology and improve patient outcomes in the fight against lung cancer.

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Our Results

  • €300 Million+ in Grants: Secured in just 3 years.
  • DTIF: 18 wins.
  • Horizon Europe EIC: 32 wins.
  • Other EU Grants: 9 wins.

Rankings and Scores

  • #1 Ranking: Achieved three times in European grant funding applications.
  • #2 Ranking: Earned four times in European grant funding applications.
  • Top 5 Ranking: Achieved four times in Europe.
  • Perfect Score: Scored 15/15 in 3 EU funding applications.
  • Multiple Projects: Secured 2 or more projects for 10 companies.

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