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R&D Tax Relief Calculator

This free R&D tax credits calculator will estimate how much R&D tax relief you could receive from HMRC. It is suitable for R&D tax credit calculations relating to SMEs, Large and loss making businesses.

1. Which scheme are you eligible for ?

SME scheme qualifications is less than 500 employees and one of the following, annual turnover not exceeding €100m or balance sheet not exceeding €86m.

2. Enter the annual expenditure relating to staff that are involved with R&D projects (£)

£0 £1m

Staff costs include gross pay, NI ERS and company pension payments.

3. Enter the annual net expenditure (before VAT) on agency workers (paid through a staff agency) who are involved with R&D activities (£)

£0 £1m

Staff agency costs relate to the invoice value (excl. vat) paid to the staff agency for using agency workers.

4. Enter the annual expenditure (before VAT) on sub-contractors who are involved with R&D activities (£)

£0 £1m

Sub-contracted costs that are directly related to R&D projects. This can include freelance sub-contractors that are actively involved in development activities.

5. Enter the annual net expenditure (before VAT) relating to software costs (£)

£0 £1m

Please enter the annual net expenditure (before VAT) relating to software costs (£)

6. Enter the annual net expenditure (before VAT) relating to materials spent on R&D activities (£)

£0 £1m

Material costs include consumable or transferable materials.

7. Is the company profit or loss making?

Your estimated corporation tax saving or R&D tax credit payable

total saving: £510,625

Estimated R&D Tax Credits Calculation

This R&D tax credits calculator only gives a rough estimate of the potential corporation tax relief that you may be eligible to claim. It is based upon your estimate of your R&D costs. We recommend a thorough review to make sure you identify all qualifying R&D projects and all eligible costs. In our experience companies that submit their R&D tax relief claims themselves, or through a non-specialist accountancy firm, often end up significantly under-claiming. Contact the R&D tax specialists at Myriad Associates to make sure your R&D tax relief claim is fully maximised.

Why not discover exactly how much R&D tax savings or cash you are entitled to!

It takes just 10 minutes to determine if your are eligible for R&D tax relief. Why not call a Myriad R&D specialist to discover if you qualify and ensure your claim is maximised.

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