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Full Fat Productions

Full Fat Productions

Founded in 1996, Full Fat is an independent company that is passionately dedicated to making innovative, world-class games that surprise, entertain and delight players.

Myriads’ knowledge of the entire VGTR process has exceeded my expectations.

I’ve worked with Chris Dowsett and Myriad since 2017, identifying qualifying R&D criteria while navigating BFI & HMRC submissions.

Myriads’ knowledge of the entire VGTR process has exceeded my expectations and placed my business in a stronger position.

I highly recommend Myriad to all my business friends and connections.

Paul Adams Chief Executive Officer

About Full Fat:

Located in Warwick, Full Fat are part of the most substantial game development community in the UK and have produced over 100 games across all formats, contributing to some of the biggest brands in gaming, including Harry Potter, The Sims, Sim City, Spore, Sid Meier’s Pirates, EA Sports PGA Golf, and Dave Mirra BMX to name a few.

With the boom of digital markets, they began to create more of their own IP, such as Flick Golf  Spin a Zoo,  Merge Bakery and Agent Dash. They also continue to produce award-winning licensed games, and their mobile games have achieved worldwide App Store features, fantastic reviews from critics, and, most importantly, players love them!

They have released over 40 mobile games, achieving over 100 million downloads and several #1 ‘All Apps’ hits on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore in multiple territories.

Thanks to these achievements, Full Fat’s love for gaming, and their imaginative team, they continue to be a popular choice for the most prestigious publishers and partners to work on various great titles, from knockout sports games to the coolest casual games.

How we helped: 

Full Fat contacted us because they had been advised they would not qualify for Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) and wanted a second opinion. Upon reviewing their projects, we quickly established they would be eligible. 

We worked closely with the team at Full Fat and identified all the qualifying games. We then managed the BFI certificate application process for multiple games from start to receipt of certificate, including preparing the detailed cost reports for each game to report the costs per trade.  

Once their certificates were received, we completed the detailed tax calculation work, including reporting the separated trades, and ensured that an optimised and robust claim was presented to HMRC.  

The reward: 

Our collaborative approach provided Full Fat with the tools to streamline its information-gathering process, ensuring future claims could be assembled efficiently. 

Since our partnership began, Full Fat has successfully made multiple claims for VGTR, resulting in significant additional funding for the business. 

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