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Nybble was established in 2007, and has developed into a complete IT services company.

Myriad produced a timely and efficient R&D claim report for our company.

Myriad produced a timely and efficient R&D claim report for our company. Within a two-week turnaround time, Myriad's quality and attention to detail was excellent.

Ram Gupta
Managing Director


Nybble was established in 2007 and has become a complete IT services company. They offer a broad spectrum of services remotely or onsite to a large and varied client base, including small businesses, educational facilities, and significant multi-site and international concerns. In addition to providing IT services, equipment, and maintenance, the Company provides software and mobile app development services to its clients.

The innovation

Myriad quickly identified several projects that would qualify for R&D tax relief. For example, the WIP portal project was developed to help car dealerships bring together all the aspects of their work; the WIP portal would increase efficiency in managing current work in workshops, provide an instant overview to managers and supervisors, and liaise with customers and suppliers in real time. In delivering this project, the Company had to make several technological advances and overcome technical challenges to provide a single integrated point of access to multiple systems.

How we helped

Myriad guided Nybble's executive team through the R&D claim process. Myriad handled the R&D tax claim from start to finish, covering the technical, costing and tax elements. Myriad produced a comprehensive technical report explaining the technological advancement and technical challenges encountered by Nybble's R&D project team.

The reward

Nybble received a well-deserved corporation tax refund, which was paid promptly by HMRC. Nybble continues to invest in innovative projects that seek to advance software technologies, and the R&D tax relief scheme provides a welcome source of funds to support development activities.

"The team at Myriad handled our claim in a very concise and professional manner. They guided us every step of the way and ensured that the R&D tax claim process was successful.

Ram Gupta, Managing Director, Nybble

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