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Trilateral Research Ltd

Trilateral Research Ltd

Trilateral Research is a UK-based enterprise, founded in 2004. With the help of Myriad, Trilateral secured an Innovate UK grant.

Myriad worked with us

Myriad worked with us to really pinpoint our innovation and make our Innovate UK application much more specific in terms of what the main selling point was and making it stand out from the crowd

Hayley Watson
Practice Manager

About Trilateral Research Ltd

Trilateral Research is a UK-based enterprise, founded in 2004. Their rigorous research is at the foundation of their work.

They provide regulatory and policy advice, develop new data-driven technologies and contribute to the latest standards in safeguarding privacy, ethics and human rights within the public and private sectors.

Their teams collaborate across the technology-social disciplinary divide, being able to assess the impact of emerging technologies to avoid adverse and unwanted consequences while delivering sustainable innovation.

They focus their efforts on areas where the application of research can make a difference in enhancing societal well-being.

The innovation

As a business, Trilateral Research has been involved in grant bid writing for over ten years, primarily within the Horizon 2020 domain.

Hayley Watson, Practice Manager at Trilateral, contacted Myriad as they were looking for a bid writer to support a different funding activity, Innovate UK.

"Because we weren’t used to bidding for Innovate UK grant funds, we were looking for a company to help us create a winning application. I came across Myriad predominantly as a result of a Google search and had a preliminary conversation with Barrie, and it went from there"

How we helped

Myriad were quick to add value to Trilateral's internal grant bid writing skill set and worked collaboratively with the Trilateral team to get their grant application to a place where Myriad felt it would likely win funding.

"I think the concept and approach we were taking on our own was a bit too broad and Myriad had warned us of that. Myriad worked with us to directly pinpoint our innovation and get it to a much more specific point in terms of what the main selling point was that we had to offer, where the innovation was coming from and making it stand out from the crowd. I think Myriad were excellent in getting the information out of us that he needed to do that."

The reward

The reward of Myriad & Trilateral's collaborative approach led to Trilateral being awarded an Innovate UK grant valued at £499,725.

When asked whether Hayley would recommend Myriad, "Yes, absolutely, no question. We’re likely to be drawing on Myriad again in the future. They were very engaged and in tune with the way that the group was working and were able to act as a bit of a mediator in terms of different lines of thought within our own group, and I think that was a really important element that they could facilitate conversations and get out of each of us what was needed to get the different components of the proposal done"

What three words would Hayley use to describe her experience with Myriad;

"I’d say ‘professional,’ ‘patient’ and ‘collaborative,’ which for me was important. As a bid writer myself, I needed to be able to work with somebody, not have somebody tell me what to do. So, I enjoyed that component of things"

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