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Game developer maximises R&D Tax claim

Kuju Ltd was claiming R&D Tax Credits with the assistance of their accountants when they ran into a number of technical hurdles...

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Kuju Ltd has delivered over 125 video games for clients since its formation in 1998 and is a specialist in developing for AR, VR, consoles and PC platforms.

They have a rich history spanning almost 20 years, with hugely respected studio facilities in London (formerly Headstrong Games) and Brighton (formerly Zoë Mode).

They have worked with leading publishers on major titles including Guitar Hero, Art Academy, Zumba Fitness, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and The Voice, along with innovative entertainment projects such as The Chainsmokers Paris: VR for Sony Music.


Kuju Ltd was claiming R&D Tax Credits with the assistance of their accountants when they ran into a number of technical hurdles.

They reached out to Myriad Associates as we specialise in R&D Tax Relief claims on behalf of computer game developers. Myriad very quickly resolved the technical issues and in addition were able to increase the scope and size of the R&D tax credits claim.

How Myriad Associates helped:

Myriad Associates undertook a thorough review of Kuju Ltd development projects, to establish those that qualified for R&D Tax Relief.  Myriad Associates completed a detailed schedule of projects and provided easy to understand costing templates.

Myriad Associates' Technical Consultants then interviewed Kuju key technical staff, which enabled them to produce very accurate and detailed technical reports for Kuju to review.

Their technical knowledge of the statutes as well as their technical knowledge of video games allowed us to have a very good set of documentation to present to HM Revenue and Customs.

Brett Morris

The Reward:

Peace of mind that future R&D tax credits claims will be fully maximised by an R&D tax expert that specialises in video games development claims.

Myriad Associates have assisted Kuju Ltd with their R&D tax credits claims since 2012. In that time, Myriad Associates have successfully identified £4.2m of R&D expenditure across the Catalis Group’s companies.

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