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Storage Made Easy® (SME) is the trading name of Vehera Ltd, a UK Limited Company that provides a multi-cloud data management....

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About Storage Made Easy

Storage Made Easy® (SME) is the trading name of Vehera Ltd, a UK Limited Company that provides a multi-cloud data management and data protection product called File Fabric that unifies on-premise and on-cloud company storage assets.

Customers include one of the world’s largest social media companies and one of the largest global retailers, in addition to global Internet service providers, universities and international government and governmental bodies

Helping Financial Controllers Better Understand R&D Tax Credits

CEO Jim Liddle was introduced to Myriad Associates after being approached by Myriad Associates CEO Barrie Dowsett on LinkedIn. Barrie informed Jim about R&D tax relief and mentioned that SME might be eligible to claim.

Jim responded by asking Barrie to visit SME in Sutton, Surrey. It was early days for Myriad, around March 2013, and SME has been a client ever since that initial meeting.

Financial Controller, Caroline Reid joined SME in 2014 and quickly became familiar with Myriad and our R&D tax credit knowledge and expertise.

Caroline wasn’t aware of R&D tax credits when she started with SME and firmly believes, based on her experience and initial background knowledge of R&D tax credits, it can be difficult for company accountants to have the level and depth of knowledge to understand and fully maximise an R&D tax credit claim on top of the existing everyday workload.

“Myriad know more about R&D tax credits than I do as a company accountant...I found the staff at Myriad very helpful and easy to talk to.”

“When we started our most recent claim with Myriad, we were given a template to complete, which was really helpful. It guided us through everything we needed to include, so we only had to complete a bit of analysis work and populate the form. We then spoke with Myriad’s Corporate Tax Director, Deborah Chapple who was really helpful in pointing out things we might have forgotten and answered questions about the types of claimable expenses. Deborah has a very realistic approach and has more R&D tax relief background knowledge than I have regarding what types of expense are claimable, which is, for me, very helpful because I haven’t got the time to investigate whether we’re claiming the right expenses and the right percentage value.”

Caroline continued, “If anyone is considering R&D tax credits or is unsure whether they qualify, they should contact Myriad Associates to find out if they do qualify because obviously, the tax incentives can be substantial. You can’t pass up on an HMRC tax rebate, in my view.”

"I would definitely recommend Myriad to anyone who thinks they might have an R&D claim"

“Myriad is professional, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Even though I’m an accountant I don’t want to speak to people who just talk to me in professional terms. I like someone to talk to me in real terms because I’m not a tax expert. I would definitely recommend Myriad to anyone who thinks they might have an R&D claim. It's great value for money and they have the tax expertise that I just don’t have. So it’s a no-brainer for me really.”

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