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Myriad Associates maximises R&D Tax Credit claim for Meetoo

Myriad Associates maximises R&D Tax Credit claim for software company, Meetoo Ltd

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Meetoo is a real-time polling and moderated discussion platform for the workplace and the classroom. It transforms training, classes and meetings by engaging and energising audiences.

The Meetoo App encourages participants to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop to take part in the discussion, making these devices a tool for engagement, not a distraction. The Meetoo platform consists of an online control dashboard, participant app, PowerPoint Add-in and live results displays.


Creating new software products to satisfy the needs of the growing market for real-time feedback and engagement systems, running on a wide variety of mobile devices, means that the Meetoo R&D team are constantly addressing new technological challenges. The company had previously submitted an R&D Tax Relief claim but were not confident that every possible qualifying project and expense had been included in their claim. They turned to Myriad Associates for specialist advice and expert support to ensure they maximised their claim and received their full entitlement.

How Myriad Associates helped:

Following a short phone call and a subsequent meeting, Myriad Associates conducted an in-depth review of all Meetoo's development projects. Myriad's technical consultants prepared detailed reports that clearly demonstrated how Meetoo's projects qualified for R&D Tax Relief. At the same time, the Myriad costing team carried out an extensive review of Meetoo's cost base. This helped the team ensure that all eligible costs were captured resulting in the R&D Tax claim being maximised.

I was impressed by the level of technical understanding shown by the Myriad technical consultants. Our developers work at the leading edge of mobile technology, but the Myriad team had no problem keeping up and produced an impressive report to maximise our R&D Tax Relief claim."

Marcus Wikars, CTO, Meetoo Ltd

The Reward

By working with Myriad, Meetoo ensured they maximised their R&D Tax Credit claim and received their full entitlement within 4 weeks. One of the many key benefits of this is that the staff at Meetoo were able to continue their day-to-day tasks knowing that they were in good hands. Myriad handled the entire process and undertook a full assessment of the group structure to ensure that all costs were fully claimed.

The Myriad approach ensured that our time was minimised to just a few hours whilst our R&D claim value was maximised. I would not hesitate to recommend Myriad Associates to any other software business that is looking to claim R&D tax credits or that would like to ensure that their claim is being maximised."

Roger Lovegrove

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