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Grant Writing Insights With Lauren Olsen

Join us in this exclusive interview with the Lauren Olsen, Grant Writer at Myriad, as she shares her background, experiences, and insider tips on successful grant writing.


Learn about Lauren's favourite projects and what makes a good grant writer, and discover her proudest achievements.

If you're interested in grant applications or aspiring to become a grant writer, this video will provide valuable insights and inspiration!


0:00 - 0:13 - Introduction
0:14 - 1:23 - Tell us your background and how long you have been writing grant applications.
1:24 - 2:20 - What type of grants do you work on?
2:21 - 4:44 - What makes a good grant writer?
4:45 - 6:13 - What is the best part of being a grant writer?
6:14 - 7:02 - How do you decide what applications to support?
7:03 - 9:47 - What makes a good grant application?
9:48 - 10:35 - What types of projects would you like to see more of?
10:36 - 11:36 - What does the future look like for the Myriad grants team?

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