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Ailuna has designed a user-friendly employee and customer sustainability engagement app and platform, ‘Ailuna, ' that is accessible to everyone, regardless of background.

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We have been working with Myriad for the last three years and have found it a great experience. Myriad has gone to great lengths to understand our solution and challenge us in our technical responses, such that our previous two applications were accepted by HMRC without delay. We are expecting the same to be the case for our application for the 2022-23 tax year.

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About Ailuna

Ailuna has designed a user-friendly employee and customer sustainability engagement app and platform, 'Ailuna', that is accessible to everyone, regardless of background. The app makes developing good habits for you and the planet fun and has achieved product user fit with consumers in more than 50 countries. The company has since broadened its capabilities to assist businesses in adopting sustainable practices. Ailuna understands that placing values at the heart of your actions in our fast-changing world can set you up for long-lasting success. Therefore, adding a touch of green to your business game plan is not just trendy but the way forward. Having established a robust foundation grounded in superior consumer experience, Ailuna has successfully onboarded esteemed businesses like Asahi Breweries, GoCardless, SAV Systems, Niels Brock, and Octopus Investments as early adopters. Now, as Ailuna transitions into its growth and evolution phase, notable milestones mark its journey. Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (Westfield) has selected Ailuna as their sustainability partner for their upcoming loyalty app and website. This initiative is set to make waves across 51 shopping malls in 11 European countries. Additionally, their recognition as a UK finalist by MassChallenge, one of the globe's leading startup accelerators, further underscores their rising prominence, especially in green and sustainable technologies.


Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it's an essential business ethos in today's corporate landscape. For businesses, integrating sustainable practices doesn't just benefit the planet; it also fosters innovation and drives profitability. However, pioneering green technologies demand substantial R&D investment. Thankfully, HMRC's R&D Tax Relief provides an encouraging incentive for UK businesses. By investing in eco-friendly innovations, companies can reap tax benefits and position themselves as forward-thinking leaders. As the world increasingly demands greener solutions, businesses must intensify their R&D efforts, setting both environmental and economic benchmarks for the future. The World Economic Forum (WEF) also believes that while sustainability strategies are pivotal for our environment, they are equally essential for businesses. Adopting such strategies helps companies gracefully navigate rising investor expectations, meet dynamic consumer demands, and stay abreast of regulatory shifts. It's a friendly nudge towards a greener and more prosperous future.

Turning green at work has never been more fun with the development of Ailuna's novel behavioural change app and platform. It encourages individuals and teams to adopt good habits and effortlessly monitor how their eco-friendly endeavours are making positive changes for them and Mother Earth. With fresh, achievable goals constantly rolling in and a vibrant, encouraging community, the Ailuna Business app is becoming the go-to buddy for making businesses more planet-friendly. The company firmly believes that even the most minor actions can significantly impact the environment. Ailuna's behavioural change engine drives action around companies' sustainability goals, which helps them to meet their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets while increasing profitability, thus making them better companies to work for and buy from.

The innovation

The true innovation of Ailuna's project is the development of a blend of behavioural expertise and a dedicated content team that allows tailored, game-inspired actions and programs adaptable to any theme, duration, or phase, which are crafted to align seamlessly with any company's objectives. This industry-first capability intends to leverage AI to allow businesses to efficiently decrease consumption in areas such as energy, water, and transportation. These actions champion the circular economy, all while promoting carbon footprint reduction and cost-saving measures. Advanced leaderboards, dashboards, and single-sign-on features make it easier than ever for companies to make a positive environmental impact, whether using Ailuna's website, smartphone app, or web portal.

According to Lars Ronning, CEO of Ailuna: "No other company in this space has built a social behaviour change engine like ours, that is based on science and inspired by sports apps such as Couch to 5K & James Clear (Atomic Habits)."

The behaviour change engine enables custom change programmes that gamify, support, and communicate company initiatives and the company's library of 60+ already built actions. While the solution is built for sustainability, it can also be used to drive any business and personal change. Additional personalisation, relevance, and impact will be achieved via Motivational AI, including real-time energy and transportation data overlaid by change action.

How we helped

Navigating the intricacies of HMRC's R&D manual and BEIS guidelines can be time-consuming and challenging. Instead of tackling this complex task solo, why not, like Ailuna, leverage the expertise of seasoned technical consultants familiar with these nuances? Our team at Myriad Associates ensures that your projects are effectively identified and qualified for R&D tax relief.

Katrina Collins, Ailuna's Head of Product, reflects on her experience with Myriad Associates:

"Ensuring a high-quality response to the HMRC has always been crucial. Partnering with Myriad allowed me to streamline our submissions, enhancing the strength of our R&D Tax Credits claims. I wholeheartedly endorse Myriad to startups."

An initial consultation with us sets the foundation for collaboration—defining deliverables, timelines, and project strengths and aligning technological advancements with HMRC guidelines. Rest assured, our consultants bring diverse industry knowledge from STEM to Humanities.

Philipp Barylla, Ailuna's Head of Engineering, shares his perspective:

"Myriad's collaboration has been invaluable for our technical team. Their expertise proved essential in fine-tuning our technical submissions, challenging our assumptions and ensuring a flawless first-time submission, negating any prolonged HMRC interactions."

At Myriad, we aim to ease your R&D tax claim process. Our technical consultants meticulously analyse project details, concentrating only on aspects that qualify for R&D Tax Credits. Concurrently, our tax experts delve deep into relevant R&D expenditures. The result? A comprehensive, well-structured claim on behalf of your company.

Are you eager to learn more? Contact our team at 0207 118 6045 or visit our contact page. Boasting years of specialised experience, Myriad is dedicated to simplifying R&D Tax Credit claims for companies of all sizes.

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