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The Virtulab is part of CG Tech, an international engineering services group focusing on planning and executing client projects safely, successfully, and on time. The Virtulab develops digital solutions that transform traditional project management processes and enhance outcomes.

R&D Tax Credits

The value is fantastic, it’s always a pleasure to work with the team. Fast and efficient

David Cummins
Executive Director, TheVirtuLab Linkedin iconConnect

About TheVirtuLab

TheVirtuLab started in 2015 as a think tank for CG tech. Now, it’s a SaaS business that has expanded to several other software-based client-facing solutions. Almost all their products are visually based and designed to provide unique insights - or enable you to engage with the physical world differently. To quote their website: “We see the world differently, and we can help you see your world differently too”. 

The innovation

The idea behind TheVirtuLab’s project was to develop a virtual working environment so that people can get the authentic experience of conferences, remote working, expos, etc. while reducing their carbon footprint.

The development of the virtual working environment (Virtuworx) involved creating an avatar-based platform that is fully customisable and available across multiple sectors and experiences (such as remote working, virtual events, remote education, festivals / social events). It enables users to experience everything from designing the avatar to choosing the look and feel of their bespoke virtual environment.

They can also map and model an office or building for use in the platform or create an ultimate customised environment by building their own piece of virtual real estate. The platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven analytics also further enhances the experience of the users.

What sets Virtuworx apart is the number of features and technologies that are brought together to provide a rich, immersive, and easy system. It enables all the real-world technologies and capabilities that users expect across multiple verticals. These technologies do not exist independently and, in most cases, do not natively work together seamlessly or connectedly.

How we helped

Having reviewed the project, Myriad technical consultants prepared detailed reports demonstrating how TheVirtuLab projects qualified for R&D Tax Credits. They then submitted a fully optimised claim on the company’s behalf.

"I would say to anyone considering Myriad for their R&D tax claim to get on and do it. The team are friendly, efficient and approachable, and it was good to know all eligible costs were included." - David Cummins, Executive Director, TheVirtuLab.

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