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Yazino Technologies Limited

Yazino Technologies Limited

Yazino Technology creates immersive, synchronous, multiplayer, free-to-play social casino games for mobile and web.

We have so far received £700K of funding from HMRC

Our Accountants never told us about R&D tax credits. It is a good job that Myriad Associates reached out to us as we have so far received £700K of funding from HMRC.

Hussein Chahine
Founder & CEO

About Yazino Technologies Limited

Yazino Technology creates immersive, synchronous, multiplayer, free-to-play social casino games for mobile and web. Yazino’s innovative technology platform powers their synchronous game engine, which enables seamless cross-platform play, supports big data and allows for ongoing communication with players.

The innovation

Yazino has been developing innovative social gaming technology since 2009 and like many other software developers they were unaware that they were eligible for R&D Tax Credits. During an initial meeting with Myriad Associates’ technical and costing team it was established that Yazino would be entitled to a very large R&D tax cash reward. Myriad Associates quickly set about preparing the R&D tax credit claim. It was important to ensure that Yazino’s time throughout the process would be minimised to just a few hours as they were right in the middle of launching a new social game!

How we helped

Myriad Associates conducted a thorough review of all projects undertaken by Yazino within the last two years. Myriad Associates then produced a detailed schedule that listed the technical advancements and uncertainties of each qualifying project. Carl Lloyd, Myriad’s Chief Technical Consultant thoroughly researched Yazino’s innovative technology platform and synchronous game engine before interviewing their key development staff. Carl then produced a very detailed and accurate technical report that evidencing how Yazino’s projects qualified for R&D tax credits.

"The quality of Myriad Associates’ R&D Technical Report and thorough understanding of our complex technology was key to ensuring that our R&D tax credits claim was maximised and approved by HMRC."

Hussein Chahine, Founder and CEO, Yazino Technologies Ltd

Barrie Dowsett, Myriad Associates’ CEO and a CIMA Qualified Accountant, analysed Yazino’s cost base to ensure that all qualifying R&D expenditure was captured. This ensured that Yazino’s R&D tax credits claim was fully maximised.

"Myriad Associates managed the entire process from start to finish and this included preparing the amended tax returns and tax computations. It was great to see that HMRC gave very positive feedback describing the R&D tax claim as being complete and sound."

John Don-Wauchope, CFO, Yazino Technologies Ltd

The reward

Across three R&D Tax Relief Claims, Myriad Associates have identified £4.7m of qualifying R&D expenditure resulting in R&D tax credits worth £700k. Yazino now have the peace of mind that their innovative technology has been rubber-stamped by HMRC as qualifying for R&D tax credits. Going forward, Yazino can be assured that their R&D Tax Relief Claims will be fully optimised by an R&D tax expert that specialises in software development R&D tax credits claims.

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