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Vision RT

Vision RT

Vision RT was founded in 2001 with a mission to develop pioneering technology for Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT).

Myriad has worked on our R&D tax claim before, and their dedication and attention to detail are commendable

Myriad were great to work with. They were approachable and very collaborative, which helped ease into building a professional relationship very quickly.  Myriad has worked on our R&D tax claim before, and their dedication and attention to detail are commendable. They are hands-on and have always followed up with the team and myself to ensure each step of the claim goes as smoothly as possible from beginning to end.”

Keshma Sahye, Vision RT
Group Financial Controller Linkedin iconConnect

About Vision RT:

Vision RT was founded in 2001 to develop pioneering technology for Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) to enable patient comfort and enhance treatment efficacy and efficiency. As the company has grown, it has been privileged to collaborate with some of the world’s leading cancer centres and equipment vendors.

Vision RT is the inventor of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT). This contact-free technology uses 3D cameras and computer vision to help ensure radiation therapy is delivered safely to cancer patients.

The company’s video-based tracking technology is quickly becoming established as the standard of care in surface-guided radiotherapy. With a non-invasive, non-ionizing approach, there are now more than 2700 installations in active clinical use globally.

How we helped:

At Myriad, we are excited to be part of the process that brings valuable R&D funding to exciting and innovative organisations in the UK that are dedicated to creating new advances in science and technology.

We delight in learning about the technical and financial strengths of our clients, their business models and their operations. We strive to deliver claims as efficiently and as non-intrusive as possible. Working with Vision RT, we developed timelines that aligned with the cadence of the company’s particular operations, which entailed analysing the technical projects and maximising the available financial R&D opportunities.

Amidst a change in the R&D legislative environment, We used our in-house expertise, including corporate structure analysis, tax planning, compliance and risk management, to produce a robust, defendable R&D tax credit submission to HMRC.

The reward:

As a result of this collaboration with Myriad, Vision RT received significant R&D tax claim benefits. This has provided substantial assistance in furthering future investment in R&D activities for the company.

Are you interested in learning how we could help your business claim R&D tax credits? Contact our team on 0207 118 6045 or visit our contact page. Boasting years of specialised experience, Myriad is dedicated to simplifying R&D Tax Credit claims for UK companies of all sizes.

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