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Jillian Chambers

Technical Analyst/Writer

I really love collaborating with Myriad's of industry experts to collate, sort, analyse and write about scientific and technological solutions that are reshaping our future.

Jillian Chambers
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Jillian joined the Myriad Associates team in May 2022 as a Technical Analyst/Writer and has worked dynamically with clients to articulate the mechanics of their scientific and innovative data into compelling technical narratives that adequately support their R&D tax credit claims, per HMRC requirements.

Jillian has over ten years of experience across several industries, including media and communications, education, publishing and writing, and artificial intelligence and data science and was recently awarded a Distinction MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science after receiving a UK government AI scholarship.

Outside work, Jillian spends time with family, visiting new and exciting places and trying to find top-tier restaurants to dine out.


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Awarded a With Distinction MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science following the receipt of a UK government AI scholarship

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Hosted a national TV programme on NHK Japan that featured in over 150 countries

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Collaborated with a Pixar Animation Studios editor as a screenwriter and voice talent to produce videos on Japanese culture that won several international awards

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Secured and retained a multimillion-dollar client via my technical and creative writing style




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