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Chris Dowsett

Manager, Tax Incentives UK & IE

I help prospects and clients identify opportunities for public innovation funding, specialising in R&D Tax Credits and Creative Tax Reliefs.

Chris Dowsett
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As a specialist in R&D Tax Credits and Creative Tax Reliefs, Chris enjoys helping UK companies get the most out of government tax incentives.

For all his clients, his main aims are:

  • To make tax incentives simple to claim: Tax can be complicated, especially regarding R&D or creative industries. Chris breaks it into plain English, so you know exactly what you can claim.
  • Provide expertise without the jargon: Chris specialises in R&D Tax Credits and Creative Tax Reliefs and won't drown you in technical terminology. It's about helping you understand the benefits, plain and simple.
  • Focusing on optimising your claim: Ultimately, it's about ensuring you're not leaving money on the table. If there's a way to get you a tax advantage, Chris will find it.

What makes Chris' approach unique is his knowledge of tax laws and genuine passion for the industries he works with. As a keen gamer and a fan of digital and creative arts, Chris brings a unique perspective to his work.

Whether assisting a game development studio with the VGTR process or helping an animation studio with their first tax relief claim, he aims to help the UK creative sector grow and prosper.

Outside work, Chris has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for technology, is a keen gamer, and enjoys playing badminton (and beating his older brother, Barrie). Chris enjoys gardening, especially planting marigolds and taking his family on impromptu bike rides.


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Developing Tax Cloud, the UK’S #1 R&D Tax Claim Portal

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Recognised as one of the leading UK creative tax relief specialists

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Developed award winning workflow software

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Winner of the Dowsett bake-off (he beat his brothers)





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