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Innovate UK Launches £19m Emerging and Enabling Technologies Fund

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Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, has just launched strand 2 of the Emerging and Enabling Technologies programme.

This £19m grant-funding pot aims to inspire the products, processes, and services of tomorrow, in 4 priority areas:

  • Emerging technologies – Innovate UK is particularly looking to fund projects in biofilms, energy harvesting, graphene and novel single-layer materials, cutting-edge imaging technologies, and new computational paradigms such as biological computing.
  • Digital – projects in this area should demonstrate a significant development in technologies such as machine learning, cybersecurity, data analytics, and immersive technology.
  • Enabling capabilities, including electronics, sensors and photonics, robotics and autonomous systems, and creative economy.
  • Space applications – proposals must have innovations in satellite communications or navigation, earth observation and environmental monitoring services, or lead to future in-orbit service demonstrations.

Key information:

  • Innovate UK grant funding is non-repayable, and the agency does not take any equity, IP, or commercial rights over your project.
  • Funding is available for projects focusing on technical feasibility, industrial research, or experimental development.
  • All projects must involve at least one SME
  • Total project costs: £35k to £2m, depending on the type of R&D undertaken.
  • If total project costs are between £35k to £100k, an SME can work on the project alone or with partners.
  • If total project costs are £100k or more, the project must include 2 grant-claiming partners working together.
  • Project duration: 6 to 36 months.
  • Depending on the stage of research and development, small businesses can receive up to 70% of project cost, medium-sized businesses up to 60%, and large businesses up to 50%.
  • Application deadline is Wednesday 28th March 2018 12pm.

If you have a project that you think will be eligible for Innovate UK funding, please contact us. As leading bid writing specialists, we will be able to determine if your project is a good match for this grant call or any other grant competitions.

Find further details at Innovate UK.

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