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5 Go To Resources for Innovate UK Grant Applicants

R&D grants can provide a valuable source of funding for innovative projects but applying for R&D grant funding can be difficult, and also takes a lot of time. Because grant funding is highly competitive, only the highest-quality applications have any chance of success.

There are many resources available to help companies prepare grant applications. For anyone looking to apply for an Innovate UK grant from the UK government, we’ve selected 5 resources that will help you understand what an Innovate UK grant application requires and what you’ll need to do to have your best chance of success.

Resource 1: Innovate UK

When you’re thinking about making a grant application, always start at the source of the grant funding. In this case, Innovate UK. The website provides a number of critical resources, such as guidance for businesses looking to apply for funding, a way to search for funding opportunities, and opportunities to connect with innovation experts, and information about events that you can attend.

Resource 2: UKRI

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). UKRI’s goal is to “create the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish” in the UK. The UKRI website provides information on its funding programmes, the latest funding opportunities, guidance on applying for funding, post-award information, and details about the peer review process, which is used to evaluate funding applications.

Resource 3: Great Business

Great Business is the UK government’s business support website, with information about starting a business, building your company, and accelerating growth. The site includes information on government-backed finance and other support available for businesses (such as grants, advice, and loans), details about business financial matters, such as tax relief, and case studies about how businesses solved particular issues.

Resource 4: Myriad Associates news

Myriad Associates (that’s us!) focuses on helping businesses secure and maximise R&D tax credits and grants. We provide a number of resources on our website, including overviews of grants from Innovate UK and the EU. In our news section, you’ll find information on the latest grant competitions, tips on how to improve a grant application, and information on the companies we’ve helped.

Resource 5: Myriad Associates’ UK Innovation Funding LinkedIn group

Myriad Associates also runs a moderated UK Innovation Funding group on LinkedIn, which keeps its members informed on the latest UK innovation funding opportunities, with information on grant funding opportunities from Innovate UK, Horizon 2020, and EUREKA Eurostars, as well as R&D tax relief.

Whatever grant funding opportunity you choose to pursue, there are numerous resources available to help you prepare the best application possible. Your best chance of putting together a successful application depends on the quality of both your innovation and the application. For additional help, it’s worth considering a specialist grants funding advisor, such as Myriad Associates, to give your application an edge over the competition.

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