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Ailuna Achieves Noteworthy Milestones Backed by R&D Tax Credits

As sustainability continues to shape the business landscape, Ailuna stands out with its revolutionary engagement platform, reshaping habits for both businesses and individuals.

Cale Bannister

Marketing Manager


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About Ailuna

Ailuna has developed a sustainability engagement app accessible to all, promoting eco-friendly habits. Gaining traction in over 50 countries, the platform also aids businesses in sustainable transitions.

Recognised by major firms like Asahi Breweries and GoCardless, Ailuna's impact is expanding, evidenced by partnerships with Westfield for a loyalty app across 11 European countries and recognition as a UK finalist by the global startup accelerator, MassChallenge.

Our collaboration with Ailuna has been one of mutual growth and understanding. Lars Ronning, the CEO of Ailuna, reflected on our partnership, stating, "We have been working with Myriad for the last three years... Myriad has gone to great lengths to understand our solution and challenge us in our technical responses.."

Our role went beyond just consultations. We dove deep into the business and technology ensuring Ailuna's R&D tax credit applications were seamless and robust and more importantly relevant for the scheme.

With our expertise, Ailuna's submissions were not only streamlined but also met HMRC's standards, receiving swift approvals.

Katrina Collins, Ailuna's Head of Product, highlighted our contribution, saying, “Partnering with Myriad allowed me to streamline our submissions, enhancing the strength of our R&D Tax Credits claims.”

As we continue to simplify the R&D tax claim process for companies of all sizes, Ailuna stands as a testament to what dedicated collaboration can achieve.

Together, we're not just shaping business practices but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

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