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EU Invests €112 Million in AI and Quantum Tech under Horizon Europe

The European Commission announces over €112 million in funding for cutting-edge AI and quantum technology projects under Horizon Europe.

Marc Greatrex

Director - Grants Division


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The European Commission has recently launched new funding initiatives under Horizon Europe, directing over €112 million towards pioneering projects in artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum technologies.

This substantial investment underscores Europe's commitment to remaining a global leader in these advanced technological fields, emphasising innovation aligned with European ethical standards and values.

Artificial Intelligence Funding:

  • €50 million is allocated to enhance large AI models. This funding focuses on integrating new data modalities and expanding capabilities to develop generative AI systems that handle multimodal data such as text, images, audio, video, and 3D representations. These AI systems aim to be adaptable across various tasks and domains, aligning with the ethical guidelines anticipated in the forthcoming AI Act.
  • €15 million will support projects to improve the transparency and robustness of AI technologies. This initiative addresses the need for AI systems that are not only advanced and effective but also intelligible and safe, thus adhering to the EU’s vision of human-centric AI.

Quantum Technologies Funding:

  • €40 million is earmarked for advancing cutting-edge quantum technologies, with a significant portion of this investment (€25 million) designated for developing a network of quantum gravimeters. These devices are expected to significantly enhance precision in Earth observation and civil engineering applications and form the foundation for a future pan-European digital quantum sensing infrastructure.
  • An additional €15 million will promote transnational research and development in next-generation quantum technologies. This effort fosters collaboration among European stakeholders, keeping the EU at the cutting edge of the global quantum technology landscape and reinforcing its role as a centre of innovation and technological self-sufficiency.

Additional Investments:

  • €6 million aims to bolster Europe's influence in global ICT standardisation by supporting the participation of European experts in international standard-setting bodies and promoting European interests and values in global technical standards.
  • Lastly, €1.5 million will be invested in exploring Digital Humanism, focusing on placing human needs and values at the centre of digital transformations. This initiative emphasises cross-disciplinary collaboration to ensure digital advancements reflect European legal, social, and ethical standards.

These funding opportunities are part of the broader 2023-2025 Horizon Europe Digital, Industry, and Space work program, specifically under the calls HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02 and HORIZON-CL4-2024-HUMAN-03. These initiatives highlight the EU’s strategic approach to maintaining its leadership and ethical stance in the rapidly evolving domains of AI and quantum technology.

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