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HMRC Draft Guidance: R&D Tax Credits

HMRC has published draft guidance ahead of the implementation of reforms to the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Reliefs on 1 April 2023

Barrie Dowsett

Chief Executive Officer


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HMRC is proactively paving the way for R&D Tax Relief Reforms on 1 April 2023 by releasing draft guidance that covers a number of technicalities and information requirements. Through stakeholder-driven dialogue, certain key clarifications have been addressed to ensure claims are accurate and efficient moving forward.

The Budget 2021 emphasized the importance of technology to drive economic growth, so government initiatives were announced to ensure that cutting-edge research remains within UK borders. Reforms such as encompassing pure mathematics and data/cloud computing costs under R&D tax reliefs have been implemented in addition to measures targeting abuse and compliance enhancement.

Companies are reminded of key proposed changes to the R&D tax credit system, designed to further ensure funds go towards legitimate research activities. These modifications include restrictions on subcontractor/EPW costs and data licenses/cloud computing services being claimable, a pre-notification for companies who have not made an R&D claim in 3 years or less, as well as mathematics now falling within eligible definitions of qualifying activity.

Furthermore additional information will be required before or at the same time the claim is made (to curb fraudulent claims). This can be found in section 5 of the draft guidance.

Accounting periods starting on or after April 1 2023 (and ending March 31 2024 and beyond) will be impacted by a new set of claims.

A link to the full draft legislation can be found below:


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