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R&D Capital Allowances

Research and Development Capital Allowances (RDA's) provide 100% uncapped first year writing down allowances on R&D facilities, plant & machinery and IT systems.

R&D Capital Allowances

About R&D Capital Allowances

R&D Capital Allowances (RDA’s) release cash into your business by allowing you to write down all of your R&D spending on fixed assets. Unlike the Annual Investment Allowance, RDA is not capped so the more your company spends on fixed assets for R&D, the more cash will be released. And the best news is that R&D Capital Allowances can be claimed retrospectively, up to two years in arrears.

By offering 100% tax relief on most capital expenditure on R&D, Research and Development Capital Allowances can reduce your company’s corporation tax.

The reduction depends on your company’s cost of capital. Based on a cost of capital of 5% over a 25 -year period, RDA represents a net present value saving of 28%.

Who can benefit

Your company should apply for R&D capital allowances if it has:

  • built or refurbished R&D facilities;
  • developed an IT system for internal use; or,
  • invested in plant, machinery, fixtures, or fittings to support R&D activities.

When should my company claim its entitlement to R&D Capital Allowances?

Your company can claim its RDA up to a year after the filing deadline of its tax return. Because this is also true for R&D Tax Relief, it is often sensible to claim both allowances at the same time.

What types of capital expenditure qualify for R&D Capital Allowances?

Most R&D related capital expenditure qualifies for a tax reduction under R&D Capital Allowances, notably spending on R&D facilities such as buildings, laboratories, and so on. Exceptions include spending on intellectual property and on land.

Spending on the following is always allowable under RDA:

  • R&D facilities (such as buildings) or on refurbishing a development facility. Furthermore, if an R&D centre forms part of a larger facility – and if the centre accounts for at least 75% of the overall cost of the facility – then R&D Capital Allowances can apply to the entire facility.
  • Laboratory equipment.
  • Company cars for R&D staff.

Spending on the following may be allowable under RDA:

  • Developing new IT systems for internal use.
  • Equipment to enable a technological advancement in a process, material, device, product, or service. The advancement must increase the overall knowledge or capability in a field of science or technology.

Why choose Myriad Associates

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R&D Calculator

R&D Tax Relief Calculator

This R&D tax credits calculator estimates the amount of corporation tax savings you may be entitled to by making a claim for R&D tax relief.

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