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CACI offers an unrivalled range of data, marketing and IT solutions to various industries across the public and private sectors, with teams based in India and the Netherlands.

"CACI partnered with Myriad to complete our R&D Expenditure Credit claim for the last two financial years

This involved qualifying many projects from across our business and dealing with numerous stakeholders, during which time Myriad demonstrated huge amounts of patience and organisation.

For the required detailed technical writeups, Millie conducted a thorough but easy-going meeting with the relevant project leads, then used the information gathered to draft an elegantly written report which hit all of HMRC’s requirements for claim eligibility. This was all completed within our tight deadlines."

Samuel Pickard, CACI
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About CACI:

CACI offers an unrivalled range of data, marketing and IT solutions to a wide range of industries across both the public and private sectors, with teams based in both India and the Netherlands. The Integrated Marketing and Location Planning divisions provide data, software and consulting services to improve clients’ sales and marketing programmes. CACI helps clients find, retain and grow profitable customers through our understanding of consumer characteristics and behaviour. The Technology and Network Services divisions provide a range of software, consultancy and managed services to SME and large enterprise clients from across the public and private sectors. With experience and understanding of big data analytics, systems integration, and secure cloud and IT networks, CACI helps clients improve operational processes, gain greater insight into their business and reduce costs.

How we helped:

Myriad began the claim with a site visit to CACI’s London office, gathering CACI’s project leads and financial stakeholders to thoroughly discuss qualifying activity and costs. Myriad’s team of Technical Consultant, Cost & Tax Consultants and CEO Barrie Dowsett answered questions on the specifics of the RDEC scheme before distributing a document across over 20 project leads to gather details of potentially eligible projects.

Over the next few weeks, Myriad identified over 30 eligible projects of those put forward by CACI following multiple calls to ensure their validity. With a full list of projects, Myriad then began working on the full write-ups of the reports required to make an R&D tax claim and the full costing schedule.

Myriad’s Technical Consultants conducted in-depth interviews with the relevant project leads and technical personnel at CACI, before compiling a draft technical report for review and any amendments. Myriad’s Cost & Tax Consultants assisted with the apportionment of R&D costs across projects and established that all potential costs were included where appropriate.

The reward:

This RDEC claim was completed within four months, as required by the client. While preparing this claim, Myriad identified a potential claim for a CACI subsidiary and completed it alongside the larger CACI claim.

Are you interested in learning how we could help your business claim R&D tax credits? Contact our team on 0207 118 6045 or visit our contact page. Boasting years of specialised experience, Myriad is dedicated to simplifying R&D Tax Credit claims for UK companies of all sizes.

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