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Helen Bartlett

Finance Manager

As the go-to spreadsheet ninja. I enjoy helping grant clients track the allocation of grant funds throughout their projects.

Helen Bartlett
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Helen takes care of Myriad’s accounts function. She is also our go-to spreadsheet ninja, a skill put to good use in helping grant clients track the allocation of grant funds throughout their projects.

Helen began her career as a computer programmer in the Market Research industry. After some time, she moved into a more client-centred role, designing research projects and interpreting the results. She worked in many industry sectors, including transport, retail, food and drink, banking, and insurance, as well as in many other countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Outside work, Helen likes to walk with her dog in the countryside around her home in the Vale of Belvoir. She also likes to cycle, read, cook, listen to music and travel. Helen is a serial student, constantly looking to learn something new. This led to her studying for the Association of Accounting Technician qualifications when she became self-employed and Japanese when working in Japan. She is currently studying Italian.


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Completing AAT qualifications whilst working as a self-employed research consultant

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Removing all paper from Myriad’s accounting function (especially useful when everyone was working from home)

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Helping a major UK retailer launch stores in Asia and continental Europe

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Learning enough Japanese to survive in Tokyo for 6 months




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