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Maureen Damman

Copywriter - France

I love getting to know more about innovative topics, and helping our clients & prospects develop their understanding of R&D funding incentives

Maureen Damman
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As a copywriter for Myriad France, Maureen always wants to expand her R&D, innovation, and taxation knowledge and write relevant content for our French clients. These various formats will then be published on the company's website and social media accounts to communicate more efficiently with firms needing grants and R&D tax incentives.

What motivates Maureen is to get to the heart of the matter and understand certain aspects of taxation and innovation financing that seem complex to most people.

Maureen started her career as a financial consultant, became a philosophy teacher, and eventually launched her career as a web writer and journalist.

When not at work, Maureen loves all outdoor sports, such as reading, writing, painting, and gardening.


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Solo-travelled in India for 6 months when I was 21 (for an internship)

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Became a philosophy teacher

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Moved from Paris to Biarritz to enjoy nature as much as possible

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Becoming a web writer and journalist





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