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Lauren Olson joins the Myriad Associates team

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Lauren Olson joined the Myriad Associates team as a Technical Consultant in February 2016. We met with Lauren to discuss her background and her role.

What were you doing before you joined Myriad Associates?

I’ve been working for software development companies for over 10 years. I’m originally from the US, and I started my career there in content management and website development. After I moved to the UK in 2006, I began working as a technical communicator (or “technical author”, if that’s easier to understand). Prior to joining Myriad Associates, I expanded my technical communication skills in consulting and project management roles.

What skills do you bring to your role at Myriad Associates?

Understanding, explaining, and writing about technology have been the focus of my career – I really enjoy learning about new technologies and helping others to understand them. I have research and interviewing experience as well, which helps when we meet our clients to talk about the research and development work they’ve done. I’m also very organised and analytical, which makes it easier for me to keep up when I have several projects on the go.

What do you enjoy most about your new role?

The best part is working with people who are enthusiastic about the research and development projects they’re pursuing. I always enjoy investigating and researching new technology, whether it’s available on a website or on a factory floor. The team at Myriad Associates are fantastic, too - they’ve been very welcoming and supportive!

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